Trouble Shooter

The project “Trouble Shooter” was realized in the context of training for IT specialists (application development). It is the final project that was handed in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and was subsequently defended.
For the IT department of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the Free University of Berlin a Best Practices Collection managing application was developed in order to support the support team.

Since the customer support has documented problem-solving strategies only rudimentary and almost disorganized, often new solution strategies had to be found for the same or similar problems.
Especially for new employees this affects the expenditure of time increasingly.
Therefore, a database application was created to centrally store the Best Practices and let the user find them using a convenient search menu.

The project was successfully completed and has been proven in practical use.
Currently there is a J2EE version of this project in the development phase. The application runs on a JBoss application server. The persistence layer is realized with EJB 3. In addition, with Struts 2 and Ajax, some latest web standards are used in the project.